Top 50 Articles Sorted By Relevance

  1. Food Allergy Improvements Documented Following Chiropractic Care (2017-07-12)
  2. Chronic Allergies, Sinus Problems, Dry Skin, Leg Cramps and Asthma Helped with Chiropractic (2014-07-16)
  3. Resolution of Asthma and Other Functional Disorders Following Chiropractic (2018-05-10)
  4. Child with Asthma Helped with Chiropractic – A Case Study (2017-10-12)
  5. Baby with Asthma Helped by Chiropractic (2012-08-09)
  6. Chiropractic Care of a Pediatric Patient with Asthma, Allergies, Chronic Colds (2009-09-15)
  7. Child With Asthma Helped With Chiropractic – A Case Study (2011-08-12)
  8. Babies Exposed to Allergens and Bacteria May Have Less Allergies as Children (2014-06-16)
  9. Acetaminophen May Be Linked to Asthma Risk (2009-11-13)
  10. Asthma Resolved and Medication Discontinued After Chiropractic (2016-09-15)
  11. Improvement from Chiropractic in a Boy with Neurofibromatosis and Asthma: A Case Study (2011-03-11)
  12. Resolution of Severe Chronic Asthma in an Infant Following Chiropractic Care (2014-06-16)
  13. Chiropractic Helps Child with Headaches, Neck Pain, Asthma, and Reading Disabilities (2010-09-15)
  14. Reading Disabilities, Headaches, Neck Pain, and Asthma with Chiropractic – A Case Study (2010-11-12)
  15. Half of the People Who Think They Have Food Allergies Actually Don’t (2019-01-14)
  16. Asthma Inhalers Can Stunt Child Growth (2014-08-13)
  17. Resolution of Immunodeficiency in a Child Undergoing Chiropractic Care (2018-08-13)
  18. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and Immune Function Improved with Chiropractic (2014-11-17)
  19. Improvement in Multiple Sclerosis Symptomatology in a Patient Undergoing Chiropractic Care (2015-09-14)
  20. Otitis Media Resolved and Neck Curve Improved with Chiropractic (2017-07-12)
  21. Dramatic Improvement in Symptoms Related to Multiple Sclerosis with Chiropractic (2010-05-13)
  22. Young Girl with Epilepsy Helped with Chiropractic – A Case Study (2011-02-14)
  23. Headaches Helped with Chiropractic – A Case Study (2011-09-12)
  24. Fibromyalgia Helped with Chiropractic – A Case Report (2012-04-13)
  25. Resolution of Chronic Ear Infections, Difficulty Sleeping, and Hypersensitivity with Chiropractic (2012-10-12)
  26. Improvement in Meniere’s Disease, Balance, and Coordination Following Chiropractic (2013-12-16)
  27. Autism Spectrum Disorder and Language Skills Improved with Chiropractic (2014-11-17)
  28. Case Report Documents Vaginal Pain being Alleviated with Chiropractic Care (2015-02-18)
  29. Improvements in Autism Spectrum Disorder Following Chiropractic Care (2016-06-13)
  30. Epileptic Seizures Gone with Chiropractic Care (2016-08-10)
  31. Improvement in Autistic Behaviors Following Chiropractic Care – A Case Series (2016-09-15)
  32. Female Infertility Helped with Chiropractic Care: A Case Series (2016-10-12)
  33. Infant with Chronic Bilateral Ear Infections Helped with Chiropractic (2019-02-13)
  34. Resolution of Intention Tremor Following Chiropractic in an Infant (2019-03-12)
  35. Neck Pain and Torticollis Resolved with Chiropractic, a Case Study (2009-11-13)
  36. Swine Flu May be Mildest Pandemic Ever, Researchers Say (2009-12-14)
  37. Chiropractic for Kids: Getting the Word Out (2010-01-14)
  38. One in Four Parents Link Autism to Vaccines (2010-03-13)
  39. Woman’s Menstrual Cycle Returns With Chiropractic Care – A Case Study (2012-04-13)
  40. Breastfeeding Difficulty Resolved with Chiropractic Care (2013-02-11)
  41. 7 out of 10 Americans Take a Prescription Drug (2013-07-15)
  42. Study Shows Chiropractic Can Help Depression and Anxiety (2013-07-15)
  43. Resolution of Constipation, Vomiting, and Leg Pain in a Child Undergoing Chiropractic (2013-12-16)
  44. Cross-Eyes Helped with Chiropractic (2015-04-16)
  45. Fever Resolved in Child with Chiropractic Care (2017-01-13)
  46. Child with Bowel Problems Helped by Chiropractic (2019-02-13)