Baseball World Series Players Benefit from Chiropractic

In a November 3, 2011 release from the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is a story highlighting chiropractic helping the players of this years World Series.

The article starts out by noting that the past two Major League Baseball World Series Champions had team chiropractors assisting their players. The 2010 San Francisco Giants and 2011 St. Louis Cardinals each relied on chiropractic to promote faster recoveries, reduce risk of injury and enhance on-field performance.

The release noted that both Ralph Filson, D.C., the chiropractor for the Cardinals, and Michael Gazdar, D.C. the chiropractor for the San Francisco Giants, explained “that regular chiropractic care provides baseball players with proper spinal function and balance to reduce the risk of spine-related injuries, enhance recovery time and improve overall performance.”

Dr. Filson, who cared for this year’s champion St Louis Cardinals began giving chiropractic care to the team in 1990 through his connection with then manager and legend, Joe Torre. Dr. Filson commented, “Chiropractic care is always available for players of the Cardinals and the visiting team, it is utilized by many. With chiropractic care, players report that they feel better and have better endurance. Body mechanics are significantly improved, enabling better pitching, hitting and throwing.”

Jason Motte, one of the relief pitchers for the St. Louis Cardinals chimed in saying, “I had issues with my shoulder and arm for a long time. I started seeing Dr. Filson this year. Since then, I have not had any arm problems. The whole team appreciates him and the work he did throughout the season. I know while being under Dr. Filson’s care, I was able to feel 100% while on the mound.”

In 2006 the Cardinals won the World series and Dr. Filson was given a World Series ring for his participation in helping the team. He stated, “I am proud to have provided chiropractic care to the Cardinals for so many years, and gratified that chiropractic has contributed to the players’ optimal performance during every game. We are all excited about bringing home the 2011 World Series title.”

The 2010 World Champion Giants also relied on their chiropractor, Dr. Gazdar for their ability to win. Dr. Gazdar explained, “Chiropractic care was a significant factor in the San Francisco Giants 2010 victory. One of the Giants’ pitchers relied upon chiropractic adjustments for all of his pitching starts, and virtually every player benefited from chiropractic services.”

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