Breastfeeding and Latching Difficulty Helped with Chiropractic

On July 30, 2015, a case study and literature review was published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, documenting a case of a baby having breastfeeding difficulty being helped with chiropractic care. The study reports that the World Health Organization recommends infants be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life, with continued breastfeeding along with suitable complementary foods for up to 2 years or more.

The authors begin by explaining the importance of breastfeeding by stating, “Human breast milk cannot be duplicated or mimicked. Undoubtedly breastfeeding provides the perfect combination required for growth, development and immunity of a human infant.” They continued, “The infant receives precisely the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-allergens needed at their given stage of development.”

In this case, a four-week-old infant girl was brought by her mother to the chiropractor. Her infant was unable to effectively latch onto her left breast when held in the traditional cradle position or any other position. A lactation specialist recommended that the mother bring her baby to the chiropractor.

Upon examination, the baby looked healthy overall with no observable face or head asymmetries, or neurological or orthopedic issues. There were some spinal asymmetries and head tilt noted. Chiropractic palpation also revealed some areas of concern in the neck area. Areas of restricted spinal motion and muscle tightness were also found.

Based on the exam findings, it was determined that the infant had multiple areas of vertebral subluxations. Specific spinal adjustments designed for infants were then given. After the first adjustment, it was noted that the infant had increased range of motion and a decrease in head tilting.

Immediately after the infants first chiropractic adjustment, the mother attempted to breastfeed her daughter. She reported that the baby was able to latch perfectly and nursed without interruption for 30 minutes. The mother returned the following week and reported that her infant daughter’s breastfeeding issues had been totally resolved.

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