Cerebral Palsy and Chiropractic, A Case Study of 2 Year Old Boy Being Helped

Published in the August 1, 2009 issue of the The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health is a study documenting the case of a 2 year old boy diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and showing vast improvement under chiropractic care.

In this case, a mother brought her 2 year old adopted son into the chiropractors office in the hope that chiropractic care would help improve her son’s mental and physical development. The young boy was diagnosed with hypotonic cerebral palsy as a result of traumatic birth, while his twin sister was diagnosed with spastic CP at the same time.

The young boy’s history revealed that he had been hospitalized at about 3 months of age with acute respiratory failure due to complications of intubation. Shortly after, a tracheotomy was performed due to his inability to breathe on his own. While in the hospital, the boy began to have seizures approximately 8-10 times per day. He was placed on a number of medications, one of which he had a severe reaction to and he went into anaphylactic shock while in the hospital. His mother insisted on removing him from the hospital and weaned her son off of all seizure medication.

Results of the chiropractic examination revealed subluxations and a course of specific chiropractic adjustments was initiated. The chiropractic care had an immediate positive effect. After the first visit, the young boy’s mother reported that her son had begun to pull himself up on his riding toys. By the fifth visit, the patient’s mother further noted that her son had started sleeping 9-10 hours at night as compared to the 3-4 hours per night he was previously sleeping. The results in this case study also documented that the boy was able to begin walking without assistance and his fine motor skills as well as neurological state were improving. After 6 months of care, when this study was written, the child’s vocal sounds still remained the same but he was able to make eye contact for longer periods of time.

In his conclusion, the author of the study wrote, “The theory of chiropractic deals with the understanding that if there is interference within the body, our body is unable to function at its maximal potential and therefore dis-ease can occur. Removing this interference through a chiropractic adjustment can increase a patient’s health and body function. This is a case report of a child with cerebral palsy who underwent chiropractic care and in 8 visits experienced substantial lifestyle improvements.”

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