Chiropractic Care for Children Increasing

The headline above comes from a November 30, 2010 article on the news website This article starts off by reporting, “Increasing number of parents are now using chiropractic care as part of their children’s health regimen.” The author of the article, Debbie Nicholson, also notes that the Centers for Disease Control indicate that in the United States a minimum of 3% of all children regularly receive chiropractic care.

The article explains that chiropractic for children is used mostly for preventative and wellness care. The author notes, “Health of the spine impacts the total nervous system which controls and synchronizes all the systems contained in the body such as respiratory and immune.”

In the second section of the article the author discusses Chiropractic care for learning disorders and dyslexia. Nicholson starts this section by reporting that the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research recently published a study showing that chiropractic care offers a broad range of benefits for children with learning disorders and dyslexia.

Nicholson explains how chiropractic helps by stating, “The ongoing stimulation of the brain comes from the spine and the position of muscles constantly change to the force of gravity. If a misalignment in the spine occurs called vertebral subluxation, the brain does not receive proper stimulation which produces problems in other areas of the body.” She continues, “Chiropractic adjustments improve the functioning of the spine and vigorously stimulate the nerve pathways of the cerebellum and other brain areas. In children it aides the brain to function properly for learning.

The remainder of the article reports on case studies involving chiropractic helping children with headaches, sports injuries, hyperactivity and colic. In her conclusion to the article, Debbie Nicholson sums up the benefit of chiropractic for children by saying, “Many children even those of school age benefit from chiropractic care. A child’s spine needs just as much attention as an adult. Adjustments made for functional problems which develop in a child’s spine can be corrected by a chiropractor using adjustments geared to the source of the problem.”

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