Very friendly and knowledgeable. Best personality ever. Great energy. 👍
– Tami B.

Dr. John is amazing! I flew in from Las Vegas just to get adjusted by him. He is so thorough and patiently walks through everything with you, simply explaining what he is doing and how it can help you. After a crazy few months of travel, I had been dealing with ongoing pain in my neck and back, and almost immediately I had relief after my visit. Dr. John’s adjustment is a life changer!
– Rachel V.

After just one session with Dr. John I was pain free and off taking pain medication within just 1 day. I had compressed nerves in my neck that lead up to the worst migraine I’ve ever experienced. After weeks of pain and not knowing what to do, I’m so happy to say that I’m feeling 80% better overnight.

Secondly, the prices are ridiculously good! I would have paid just about anything considering the pain I was in but I couldn’t believe how cost effective his sessions were. I bought 8 right then and there. Thanks Dr John!
– Anna M.

I got recommended to Dr. John. He welcomes you with open arms. Clean vibe Energy. Clean place..Went to 1st session and was great. Prices are great.
– James C.

From the severe pain caused by a bad skiing tumble to the “lighteness of being”, i.e. freedom of movement in three weeks and back to playing tennis in six. Thank you Doctor John!
– Vlad V.

No more pain! Thank you Dr John! Just two sessions and I’ve already been released from the pain I’ve been in for weeks! I highly recommend Dr. John for all your chiropractic needs!
– Nicole H.

Dr. John is great! Very knowledgeable and personable. I have scoliosis and I’m very happy with the treatment. I highly recommend him!!!
– Ana L.

After one session with Dr. John, my mobility has improved and there has been less tension on my joints. I highly recommend giving him a visit regularly especially if you are always on the move.
– April V.

I went here this morning and I’m very happy with the outcome. My neck feels great! It was the first time I’ve ever been here for myself (I took my son many years back) and I will definitely go back! The dr is fabulous, very nice and professional. He seems to have a lot of knowledge / and he’s very caring.
– Katrina R.