Chiropractors Treat Babies

The above is a headline from a feature article in the June 7, 2010 issue of the Omaha World-Herald. This article looked at the specific case of a baby boy named Trent, who at only a few months old was experiencing digestive problems and could hardly keep either breast milk or baby formula down. The article notes that Trent was spitting up several times per hour and was not gaining weight.

The article noted that even though Trent’s mom Jennifer was seeing a chiropractor for injuries from a car crash, she did not consider chiropractic for her son. At the urging of a family member, Jennifer asked her chiropractor if he took care of kids.

After little or no help from medical care, Trent’s mother, Jennifer, finally decided to take her baby to her chiropractor. The article reports that the chiropractor gently adjusted the baby’s spine therefore restoring proper nerve function to the digestive system. Shortly after the initiation of care Trent would only occasionally spit up, and he was gaining weight.

In the article, a spokeswoman for the American Chiropractic Association, Dr. Karen Erickson stated that chiropractic care for kids is safe and effective. Dr. Erickson noted that chiropractors nationally report that they are seeing more children than they did 10 or 15 years ago.

Trent’s chiropractor added that years ago most of the children that he took care of were the children of current patients. He notes that now many children are being brought to his office by parents who are not chiropractic patients, but want their children cared for by a chiropractor.

The Omaha World-Herald article did include interviews from several local medical doctors who expressed their skepticism about chiropractic even in the face of Trent’s recovery. However, it was the boy’s mother who got the final words in the article by saying, “As a mother,” she said, “you are going to do whatever it takes to make sure your baby is taken care of.”

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