Constipation, Gastrointestinal Pain, and Neck Pain Helped with Chiropractic – Case Study

A case study was published on May 10, 2010 in the scientific publication, the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health that reports on the chiropractic care of a six year old girl with subluxations, constipation and neck pain.

In this case study the girl was brought to a chiropractor because she had been suffering with constipation and bowel pain since the age of two. At times her problem was so bad that it would take days for her to have a bowel movement. In addition to her constipation she had mild abdominal pain, and suffered from motion sickness when riding in a car for more than 30 minutes.

About six months before her visit to the chiropractor the girl started to experience neck pain that was worse in the morning. She was on a very good diet that was specifically designed to help her with her problem. Overall she appeared healthy and energetic, with no other health issues noted.

The chiropractic examination showed some restricted range of motion in the neck along with some postural abnormalities. A series of specific chiropractic adjustments were initiated for correction of the determined areas of vertebral subluxation.

The case study documented that after 13 visits a re-evaluation was performed using the same criteria that was used on the first visit. At this update the patient’s mother reported her daughter’s constipation problems had completely resolved. Additionally, the girl no longer had gastro-intestinal pain. The frequency of her bowel movements had changed from once every 4-5 days to daily, and her neck pain had completely resolved during the second month of care.

In the discussion of this case, the author described the purpose of the chiropractic care by saying, “Patient management in a chiropractic paradigm suggests the cause of disease lies within the body versus the allopathic paradigm which believes illness and disease comes from an external factor. Chiropractic is based on the premise that the body has an innate ability to heal and that this ability is coordinated and controlled by the nervous system. Any interference in the nervous system will impede the body’s ability to heal and adapt to its environment. In the chiropractic profession, this interference is referred to as vertebral subluxation.”

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