Developmental Delay Syndromes and Chiropractic: A Case Report

A case study research article published on August 31, 2009 in the scientific periodical, the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health, documented a case of a 2 year old girl with developmental and emotional growth issues, also known as Developmental Delay Syndrome or DDS. In this case study these issues were subsequently resolved with chiropractic care.

In this case a 2 year old girl was brought to the chiropractor with an interesting history. It seems that she was the younger of fraternal twins, with her brother being born vaginally, while she required a c-section to be born. From the trauma of her birth it was noted that her head and facial features were asymmetrical.

At the age of 28 months the young girl was suffering with Developmental Delay Syndrome or (DDS), and exhibiting frequent rages, furious temper tantrums, and nightmares that caused her to wake up screaming. She was described as a child that was not able to function in pre-school or at home with the family. She was notably slower than her twin brother in both intellectual and emotional development.

After a chiropractic evaluation was performed a specific regimen of care was initiated. After only 2 visits the child had noticeably improved posture. The case study also reported that after the 5th visit, the child was very stable within her family and pre-school environments, and she had stopped walking on her toes as she had prior to beginning chiropractic. Long term follow up years later at age 7, showed that she was equal in development to her twin brother and she was doing well in school.

In the conclusion to this case study the authors wrote, “Since there is some question as to the causation of the various developmental delay syndromes, this ultimately leads to some lack of clarity on treatment options, particularly for children sensitive to medication or who do not choose medication as an option. Patients are seeking alternative care, and particularly care that offers low risk and some benefit should be brought to their attention. While the studies are inconclusive, there is an emerging evidence base that does show chiropractic care can be involved in the treatment and care of patients with developmental delay syndromes.”

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