Diabetes Resolved With Chiropractic and Diet – Case Study

The July 21, 2011 issue of the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research, published a case study documenting the resolution of long term diabetes through chiropractic and dietary changes. The authors of the study begin by explaining that 18.2 million people, approximately 6.3 percent of the US population, has diabetes. They note that diabetes is characterized by high levels of blood glucose due to an insufficient level, or a total lack of, insulin being produced by the pancreas.

In this case, a 61-year-old man went to the chiropractor primarily for difficulty concentrating. Upon giving his history, it was revealed that the man also suffered from type 2 diabetes for 20 years, for which he was taking three different oral medications daily. He was having his blood work medically monitored several times per year since his diagnosis of diabetes.

Shortly after receiving the diagnosis of diabetes, the man started to get episodes of back pain which he attributed to being overweight. He had previously been to several chiropractors but only received a few visits before discontinuing his care when his pain was relieved. The patient reported that there were no changes in his diabetes during this sporadic chiropractic care.

A chiropractic examination was performed which included a postural analysis, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar ranges of motion, spinal thermography (heat) scan, static electromyography scan, and spinal x-rays. From these tests, it was determined that subluxations were present and a plan of specific corrective chiropractic adjustments was initiated.

The results of this case showed that after just six visits the patient reported that he was feeling much better. After 12 visits, he reported that he had adopted recommended dietary changes, and he was continuing to feel much better. He also reported that he had made a decision on his own to discontinue his oral medication for diabetes.

Three months after starting a regular program of chiropractic care, the patient returned to his medical physicians for tests. The results of those tests showed a blood sugar level within normal limits without having to take any medications. He also reported that he felt much better and had more energy.

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