Infant with Facial Asymmetry Helped with Chiropractic – Case Study

In the March 31, 2011, issue of the scientific periodical, the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, is a case study showing how chiropractic helped a newborn infant with an asymmetrical face due to birth process trauma. The authors of the study noted that according to recent estimates, 2.6 percent of births are complicated by some type of birth trauma.

In this case, a four-day-old boy was brought to the chiropractor by his parents for what the parents termed as a “twisted” face. According to the infants mother, it was the medical doctor at the hospital that recommended that she seek chiropractic care for this problem. The parents reported that their child also had additional problems including constipation, increased saliva production, and intestinal gas. The case study noted that the mother had problems with previous pregnancies and had been under chiropractic care during portions of this pregnancy and was helped with various pain issues.

Examination of the infant noted that he was calm, was breathing deeply and had no nasal congestion. His mouth and nose were obviously twisted to the left. The infants head and neck motions were abnormal and certain motions made him irritable. Restrictions were also noted in the hips and the muscles in these areas were unusually tight.

A specific course of chiropractic care was initiated to correct the determined spinal and pelvic abnormalities. After only the first visit, the mother noted that the infant had some improvement in his body movement, and his bowels had become more regular. By the third visit, the infants face was now symmetrical, and the boy’s head posture had improved. By the thirteenth visit, the boy’s neck movement was normal. Ten months after birth, the study noted that most of the child’s problems had either resolved or were greatly improved.

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