Jonas Brothers Make Sure to Get Spines Adjusted Regularly

The above headline comes from the June 30, 2009 edition of The article, written by staff writer Jeff Webber, reports that the pop stars are regular chiropractic patients. The author writes, “One of the most popular music groups right now, at least among the younger generation, is the Jonas Brothers. Since forming in 2005, the three brothers from Wyckoff have become a pop-music phenomenon, releasing four albums, touring all over the world and taking over The Disney Channel.”

The article notes that their success is attributed to natural talent as well as good health practices. Part of the good health practices has meant regularly obtaining the services of their hometown chiropractor. Dr. Albert Wolyniec of New Jersey has been the family chiropractor for some time.

Dr. Wolyniec wrote in the Spring 2009 edition of The New Jersey Chiropractor, “They make sure they get their spines adjusted regularly, even if they have to fly me somewhere in the country just for the day. I have even done a coast-to-coast house call solely to maintain their spines free of nerve interference.” The article notes that when playing at a local event in New Jersey, the Jonas Brothers and as many as 20 of their traveling party will receive chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Wolyniec added, “They use chiropractic care not for pain, but to stay healthy. By keeping the nerve pathways open between the brain and the body, it keeps the pressure off the big heavy spinal nerves. When the vertebrae are kept in alignment, it translates into better health and better performance. They recognize this.”

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