Top 50 Articles Sorted By Relevance

  1. Resolution of Breech Pregnancy with Chiropractic (2018-11-13)
  2. Reduction of Labor and Delivery Time Due to Chiropractic Care (2017-04-13)
  3. Breech Pregnancy Corrected with Chiropractic – A Case Study & Literature Review (2015-02-18)
  4. Ultrasound Confirmed Resolution of Breech Presentation & Low Back Pain Following Chiropractic (2019-05-13)
  5. Pelvic Pain Resolved in Pregnant Woman Under Chiropractic (2019-05-13)
  6. Pregnancy-Related Lumbopelvic Pain Improved with Chiropractic (2016-08-10)
  7. Chronic Lower Back Pain After Pregnancy Resolved with Chiropractic  (2017-08-11)
  8. Pregnant Women with Low Back Pain Helped by Chiropractic (2012-12-13)
  9. Resolution of Pain and Breech Presentation Following Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care (2013-10-14)
  10. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Credited to Chiropractic Care (2016-03-11)
  11. Breech Pregnancy Corrected Under Chiropractic Care (2016-04-13)
  12. Why and How Pregnant Women Seek Chiropractic Care (2011-01-13)
  13. Acetaminophen Use In Pregnancy Linked to ADHD – Chiropractic is a Better Alternative (2014-06-16)
  14. Quality of Life Improves for Pregnant Women Under Chiropractic According to Study (2018-01-12)
  15. Breech Pregnancy Correction with Chiropractic Confirmed on Ultrasound – Case Study (2010-02-14)
  16. Painkiller Usage During Pregnancy Linked to Male Offspring’s Reproductive Disorders (2010-11-12)
  17. Resolution of Breech Presentation and Successful Vaginal Birth with Chiropractic (2012-02-13)
  18. Women with Abnormal Fetal Positions Benefit from Chiropractic (2012-02-13)
  19. Breech Pregnancy Corrected with Chiropractic (2012-12-13)
  20. Post Pregnancy Pelvic Pain Helped with Chiropractic (2013-03-13)
  21. Resolution of Breech Presentation Confirmed by Ultrasound Following Chiropractic (2017-07-12)
  22. Placental Insufficiency Reduced and Fetal Growth Rate Normalized Following Chiropractic (2017-11-13)
  23. Chiropractic Care Helps Patient with Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Pain – Case Study (2009-07-14)
  24. Breech Pregnancy Corrected and C Section Prevented with Chiropractic – A Case Study (2009-08-10)
  25. Cesarean Avoided due to Transverse Pregnancy Resolution with Chiropractic (2014-12-17)
  26. Pregnant Woman with Migraines, Hypothyroidism, and Tachycardia Helped with Chiropractic (2015-04-16)
  27. Successful In Vitro Fertilization Following Chiropractic (2017-10-12)
  28. Urinary Incontinence Resolved with Chiropractic (2018-06-14)
  29. Resolution of Breech Pregnancy with Chiropractic (2016-12-12)
  30. Pregnant Woman with Surgical Spinal Rods Helped with Chiropractic (2017-04-13)
  31. Resolution of Breech Presentation and Successful Vaginal Birth After Cesarean with Chiropractic (2017-05-11)
  32. Infertility Resolved Following Chiropractic Care (2018-04-12)
  33. Higher Level of Health and Quality of Life in Children Under Chiropractic (2018-09-11)
  34. Preliminary Study Results Show Chiropractic Care Could Make Labor Easier (2010-04-13)
  35. Resolution of Breech Presentation with Chiropractic Care (2011-05-13)
  36. Resolution of Infertility Followed by a Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery with Chiropractic (2012-03-12)
  37. Child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Bedwetting Helped with Chiropractic (2012-03-12)
  38. Infertility Helped with Chiropractic Care (2012-11-13)
  39. Induced Labor Linked to Higher Autism Risk (2013-09-12)
  40. Pregnant Women with Low Back Pain Helped with Chiropractic According to Study (2014-05-13)
  41. Arm Numbness, Leg Swelling, and Low Back Pain Helped with Chiropractic (2015-08-12)
  42. Vaginal Birth of Twins After Prior Caesarean with Chiropractic Care (2018-11-13)
  43. Chiropractic Safe for Children – Study Shows (2009-10-14)
  44. Colic, Constipation and Sleep Disturbance Helped in an Infant With Chiropractic (2010-01-14)
  45. We’re Having A Baby! — Chiropractic Care Great for Moms-to-be (2010-09-15)
  46. Infant with Facial Asymmetry Helped with Chiropractic – Case Study  (2011-04-12)
  47. Is it Time Your Baby Saw a Chiropractor? (2011-12-12)
  48. Resolution of Breech Presentations Following Adjustment of Subluxations (2012-01-12)
  49. Healthy Pregnancy Following Chiropractic Care in Ovarian Cancer Patient  (2012-02-13)
  50. Apgar Score, Respiratory Rate, Distress and Inability to Cry Helped with Chiropractic (2012-11-13)