Premature Infant Returned to Normal Development Levels with Chiropractic

A case study published in the March 2014 issue of the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics documented the return to normal development of an infant born 12-weeks-premature. Babies born prematurely often have a variety of health issues including developmental delays that put them far behind their peers.

“Prematurely is becoming more common and neonates are surviving at increased rates…” reports the study author. “This comes with their increased likelihood to exhibit various health conditions from sensory to perceptive to motor disorders, as well as decreased immune function, respiratory weakness and mental health concerns.”

The author also notes that the increased time spent in neonatal intensive care units (NICU), and special care nurseries (SCN), can create deformities of the shape of the infant’s head which can also lead to further “…neurodevelopmental disadvantage.”

In this case, a pregnant woman started bleeding at the 11 week point in her pregnancy. The bleeding was off and on until the 20th week when it became continuous. By the 25th week, the woman was hospitalized and a decision was made to deliver her baby by cesarean halfway through the 26th week, nearly 12-weeks-premature.

Her newborn baby son weighed only 2.4 oz. upon delivery, and was placed on oxygen to assist with difficulty breathing. The infant also had numerous other health issues including infection, jaundice, and obvious developmental issues. Due to severe health problems, the infant remained 58 days in the NICU, followed by another 44 days in the SCN.

The baby boy was brought to the chiropractor and examined at the age of 104-days-old. Based on the chiropractic examination, a course of specific chiropractic adjustments was initiated at the rate of one per week for one year. No adverse events were noted in this study as a result of the infant receiving chiropractic care.

The results of the care measured over time by multiple tests showed a steady gradual return to normal development for the baby boy. After a year of chiropractic care, scores given by specific medical testing showed that the baby was either normal or slightly above normal developmentally.

The study records the outcome, “The parents had no concerns about the child’s development. He presented as a healthy, well-grown boy with two older siblings who he enjoys playing with.”

In his conclusion, the author wrote, “This case demonstrates the efficacy of chiropractic to promote normal neurological development, which can be assessed through cognitive ability, receptive and expressive language, fine and motor skills and general wellbeing.”

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