Reduction of a Lumbar Scoliosis & Improved Cervical Curve

Published in the June 10, 2013, issue of the scientific journal, Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research, is a documented case study of improvement in lumbar scoliosis, and cervical curve under chiropractic care. The authors note that between 2.5 and 15 percent of the adult population has scoliosis.

The study reports that, with the exception of the most severe cases, medical care for most adult scoliosis has no clear protocol. In fact, most care for this condition is based on the presence of pain or other symptoms. It is noted that the incidence of back pain with scoliosis is not significantly different than the general population thus implying that most scoliosis does not cause pain.

In this case, a 75 year old man went to the chiropractor. On his intake form, he listed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and shoulder pain as his top three concerns. In his history, the patient reported a 20 year history of medical management for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He was taking medications for both conditions. He also complained of occasional aching and tingling in his right shoulder and arm for the past couple of years.

A chiropractic examination was performed consisting of observation, physical palpation, heat (thermographic) studies, surface EMG, and specific spinal x-rays. The results of the examination showed that the patient had a forward head posture, a high left shoulder, and a high right hip. Additionally, the heat and sEMG studies showed abnormal readings. X-rays confirmed the curvature in the lumbar spine and showed a loss of curvature in the neck, along with multiple misalignments in the spine.

It was determined that subluxations were present and a series of specific chiropractic adjustments was initiated. This study looked at the results of care of a two year period to see the changes in the patients symptomatic condition, as well as the spinal curvatures noted in the initial examination.

The results showed that, from a symptomatic standpoint, the patient’s sense of well-being greatly improved. He noted that his pain was better, and he was able to walk with more balance. The heat and sEMG scans also showed improvement, thus documenting his overall functional health improvement. The x-rays showed significant changes with the lumbar scoliosis being reduced from an original 10 degree curvature down to only a one degree curvature. His neck also improved going from a nearly straight “military” neck to a near normal curvature.

In their conclusion, the authors noted the positive findings of this case and commented that chiropractic “…may be effective in reorganizational change by addressing structural deformities in the spine and in restoring normal spinal curves.”

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