Seizures and Migraines Helped with Chiropractic – Case Study

The Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research, March 12, 2012 edition published a case study showing chiropractic helping in a case of a patient with seizures, blood pressure irregularities, severe gait issues, a lazy eye, and severe fatigue. The authors of the study classified these problems as “neurovascular symptoms” in their discussions of this case.

This is the case of a 75-year-old woman who went to the chiropractor with complaints of unsteady and uncoordinated movement, which the authors termed “gait ataxia”, and with laziness in the left eye (strabismus). The authors also report that the woman’s energy levels were very low to where she would feel exhausted after only walking across a room. Her seizures would occur if she was exhausted, or if she bent over in a forward position. When having a seizure, the woman felt a hot sensation in her chest, lost the ability to speak, and developed a migraine headache.

A previous medical visit to the hospital did not yield any findings even after MRI and CAT scans were taken. She was then told to get physical therapy and was given anxiety medications. A return visit to her family doctor led to a referral to a neurologist, who also prescribed anxiety medication. The woman’s history revealed multiple medical referrals and tests, none of which helped her problem, and in some instances actually made her condition worse.

A chiropractic examination and x-rays were performed and a determination of the presence of subluxation was made. Specific adjustments were begun to correct her subluxation. After just the first adjustment, the woman’s posture was noticeably improved, and her neck range of motion increased. She also reported that her energy level had increased allowing her to do ironing for two hours, an activity she was unable to do prior to the adjustment.

As her care continued, the woman saw improvements in her walking, her balance, and her vision improved to where her one lazy eye began to track more normally. She also noted that she had not had a seizure since the beginning of her chiropractic care. Her health continued to improve to the point where she was nearly free of all her previous symptoms.

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