September is Subluxation Awareness Month

The month of September has been declared “Subluxation Awareness Month” by several Chiropractic organizations including the International Chiropractors Association, the Georgia Council of Chiropractic and the Florida Chiropractic Society. September was chosen as that is the anniversary of the first chiropractic adjustment for subluxation being given on September 18, 1895 in Davenport Iowa.

A proclamation for Subluxation Awareness Month has been issued that states, “Resolved that September be recognized as Subluxation Awareness Month, and that this time be highlighted by public education to raise the public consciousness about the benefits of living a life with a properly functioning nervous system, free from subluxations.” Political leaders such as the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, have signed the proclamation in support. A copy of the Subluxation Awareness Proclamation can be seen here ( ). A website for the Subluxation Awareness Foundation can be found at:

“A concerted educational effort to make the public aware of subluxations is long overdue.” states Dr. Robert Braile, president of the Georgia Council of Chiropractic and chairman of the Subluxation Awareness Foundation. He continued, “Few people are aware of the importance of having a nervous system functioning free of interferences from subluxations.”

Subluxations are irritations to the nervous system primarily caused when bones of the spine are out of alignment. These irritations can be caused by a number of mechanisms including trauma or stress, and result in some form of functional change in the nervous system. The chiropractic profession has been the leading profession over the years in the detection and correction of subluxations thus allowing normal nerve system function and improved health.

The importance of chiropractic’s role in correcting subluxations, and being a part of an overall healthcare plan for wellness was demonstrated in a September 6, 2011 release by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress which touts the results of a recently issued report dated July 2011, called “The Role of Chiropractic Care in the Patient-Centered Medical Home” (PCMH). This report clearly shows the benefits to patient care and overall healthcare that would result from an increased utilization of chiropractic in the current healthcare setting. The complete report can be seen at

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