Surfers Seek Peak Performance with Chiropractic

As we in North America come out of one of the harshest winters in recent times, the Southern Hemisphere is in mid-summer swing. Surfing season is underway in the southern half of the globe. The title above comes from a Feb. 12, 2014, release from the Chiropractic Association of Australia.

The CCA release reminds of the stark difference between the two halves of our planet with the opening, “Summer is here and so are the surfers for the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing at Manly Beach. Held for nine days at one of Australia’s most iconic beaches, the Hurley Open showcases the best in surfing, skateboarding, fashion, music and art.”

The release notes that Dr. Andrew Burgess, an Australian chiropractor, has noticed a shift in the requests from the surfers under his care. “More surfers seem to be performance enhancement under chiropractic care as opposed to treatment of a specific injury or pain.” He continued, “Surfers see huge benefit in having chiropractic work during the competition to increase their performance at these events. This includes improved flexibility, alignment, muscle control, strength, balance and their mental state of health.”

Dr. Gregory Hungerford, a chiropractor in Hawaii who has offered care at Hawaii’s largest surfing competition, the Triple Crown of Surfing, also noted the shift from injury treatment to performance enhancement. “Ten years ago I did more injury treatments and now I do more ‘tune ups’ or performance enhancing treatments.”

An article posted on the surfing website, “Swell Magnet” also notes the dual purposes surfers use chiropractic, “A possible non-drug solution to help you is Chiropractic care. Many professional surfers such as: Taylor Knox, Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, Lance Burkhart, and countless others utilize Chiropractors to help them overcome injuries and improve their performance.”

Dr. Burgess pointed out the growing popularity of chiropractic in the surfing community. “It’s good to see that Chiropractic has a global foot print on surfing all around the world and even better at the forefront of the WCT, WQS and Pro Junior circuits.” He continued by pointing out how surfers are directing each other to chiropractors. “It is great seeing surfers who haven’t been to a chiropractor before, showing them how chiropractic works and seeing their results in the water.”

In his chiropractic testimony about how chiropractic has helped his surfing at a high competitive level, Australian Open 2012 Pro Junior and Open Men’s winner Matt Banting said, “It was the best and most aligned my body has ever felt for a competition!”

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