We’re Having A Baby! — Chiropractic Care Great for Moms-to-be

On September 10, 2010, a feature article appeared in the Indiana Gazette with the above title. The article notes the reasons that pregnant women should seek chiropractic care and the benefits they get from this care.

In one instance the article reports that some women seek care due to a problem with the pregnancy that they feel can be helped by chiropractic. Such was the case with Kirsten who came to the chiropractor as a last resort. According to the story Kirsten was told by her medical doctors that she was probably going to need a c-section to deliver her baby.

The problem was that Kirsten’s unborn baby was not in the proper position for birth. She was told by her doctors that if they could not manually “push” the baby into place that she would have to have a c-section. Instead of undergoing the medical procedure, Kirsten went to see a chiropractor, Dr. Santoro, who the article noted is a mother herself.

Dr. Santoro explained how chiropractic care could help Kirsten by saying that chiropractic works with the body. The article points out that Dr. Santoro finds a knot in the ligament supporting the womb, and through chiropractic care, works to help that ligament relax. The result is that the baby shifts into the normal head-down position after that knot has relaxed, and the baby can be born normally. According to Dr. Santoro it worked for Kirsten.

“The spine is a communication pathway,” explained Dr. Santoro. “When it is in perfect alignment, all the nerves can send their signals smoothly. But when the vertebrae shift out of position, what chiropractors call a subluxation, those signals can be disrupted even if the person does not feel any pain or discomfort.”

The article continues to tout the benefits of chiropractic care for both the mother to be, and the newborn child. Dr. Santoro further explained the importance of correction of subluxations so that the nervous system can function without interference. “Your body needs to be fully functional. By the time something becomes symptomatic, we now have damage.” she said. “You need to know how important a properly functioning nervous system is.” Dr. Santoro notes how important she believes chiropractic care is for pregnant women by stating, “I recommend every pregnant woman be adjusted. It’s very, very safe, it’s very effective.”

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