A first visit to any Chiropractic clinic can be quite the experience. Between the current pain you might be in, getting to know the new doctor, and the potential financial stressors which might come along with this, there is a lot to comprehend. Here at Charge into Health Family Chiropractic, we try and streamline all of it into a simple system:

  • You will fill out some forms and give us a medical history of any past injuries, surgeries, or illnesses you might have had.
  • A more thorough consultation and history will be taken on your current ailment.
  • A few physical exams will be taken to locate areas of the spine which might correspond to your current condition. This is also used to rule out any potential “Red Flags” regarding your condition, which might be out of the scope of Chiropractic care.
  • If the history and examination show that you are safe to adjust, then the adjustment will be performed IMMEDIATELY after. Dr. John will go a bit slower than usual and will talk you through what he is looking for and what needs to be adjusted.
  • After the adjustment, Dr. John will ask for feedback and will help you determine the appropriate plan based on your condition and your budget!